Will Biden Grant Clemency to Thousands Later This Year?

Will Biden Grant Clemency to Thousands Later This Year? There are over 4,500 inmates that were sent to home detention due to the CARES Act and for them the question of if they will have to return to prison still remains open. As the country slowly returns to normal, what will the DOJ do for…

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What qualifies as “extraordinary and compelling circumstances” in the time of COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has shined a new light on who may qualify for a compassionate release. To qualify for a compassionate release, one must demonstrate extraordinary and compelling circumstances, such as chronic health conditions or inability to care for oneself. The following comes directly from the Center for Disease Control and outlines what health conditions…

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First Step Act Disappoints Thousands of Prisoners and Families Who Expected an Early Releases

A Fading Hope for Early Release Federal prisoners whose hopes were high for an early release thanks to the signing of the First Step Act are now unsure of their fates. While the new law will, to some degree, affect thousands of federal inmates good behavior credits, a small provision in the act has made…

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Early Release from Prison Under The First Step Act ?

Recidivism Reduction ,Early Release, early release from prison, Elderly Offender Pilot Program

The First Step Act, passed last December, has as one of its main focuses the reduction of the current federal prison population.  That reduction can be accomplished in a number of ways.  Lets walk through 4 main ways to get early release from prison, under the First Step Act, for an inmate to obtain early…

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Breaking News: Internal BOP Elderly Offender Program Documents Obtained

Elderly Offender Program | Early Release

Consistent with our commitment to hold decision-makers accountable, the Law Office of Brandon Sample has filed a number of FOIA requests with the BOP since the First Step Act became law. Just this week, our office obtained internal Federal Bureau of Prisons documents describing the implementation of the Elderly Offender Home Detention Program and how…

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