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Expanding Inmate Employment Under the First Step Act

By Brandon Sample | September 20, 2019

  In fact, one of the main motivations for the First Step Act helping inmates gain skills while reducing recidivism through meaningful work Writer and philosopher Voltaire once wrote that “work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice, and need.” That is true both inside and outside of prison. The Act focuses on programs and…

What is the Elderly Offender Pilot Program?

What is the Elderly Offender Pilot Program?

By Brandon Sample | September 20, 2019

The laws passed by Congress are sometimes so complex or difficult to read that they seem to be removed from the reality of our day-to-day lives.  There are times, however, when a law is rooted in common sense. When it comes to reversing the problems that resulted from mass incarceration in America, it simply makes…

Early Release

4 Ways to Obtain Early Release Under the First Step Act?

By Brandon Sample | September 20, 2019

The First Step Act, passed last December, has as one of its main focuses the reduction of the current federal prison population.  That reduction can be accomplished in a number of ways.  This blog will cover 4 main ways, under the First Step Act, for an inmate to obtain early release or additional community custody…

First Step Act: What is the 500-Mile Rule?

First Step Act: What is the 500-Mile Rule?

By Brandon Sample | September 18, 2019
How Did Compassionate Release Change Under the First Step Act?

How Did the First Step Act Change the Calculation of Good Conduct Time?

By Brandon Sample | August 30, 2019
First Step Act

The First Step Act Applies the Fair Sentencing Act Retroactively – What Does That Mean?

By Brandon Sample | August 20, 2019

The First Step Act, passed last December, has several provisions in it that fix some errors of the past.  The most prominent of which came from the initial choice by Congress, back in the 1980s, to impose different sentences for crack cocaine offenses compared to powder cocaine offenses. Specifically, back when the “war on drugs”…

first step act summary

First Step Act Summary: Common Questions Answered

By Brandon Sample | August 4, 2019

It has been over eight months since the First Step Act of 2018 was enacted. I have consistently written about the First Step Act since it was adopted. But many people still have questions, and I have been repeatedly asked to provide a First Step Act summary. Fortunately, the Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) finally released…

The First Step Act

The First Step Act: Work in Progress

By Zachary Newland | July 23, 2019

The First Step Act – the first meaningful criminal justice reform in many years – is already beginning to make a positive difference in the lives of federal inmates, their families, and their communities.  Just last Friday, July 19, 2019, the United States Department of Justice issued a press release informing the public about three…

Sentencing for Juveniles

Sentencing for Juveniles: The Problem of the Juvenile Lifer

By Brandon Sample | May 13, 2019

Are juvenile offenders constitutionally different from adult offenders? In dealing with the issue of sentencing for juveniles, the United States Supreme Court answered that question in the affirmative in two landmark decisions.   In 2012, the Supreme Court decided Miller v. Alabama, which held that imposing a mandatory life without parole sentence for a juvenile…

home confinement

Home Confinement | New BOP Policy Released | April 2019 Update

By Brandon Sample | April 8, 2019

Home confinement for federal prisoners is about to expand with the release of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) new April 4, 2019, Operations Memorandum, Home Confinement Under the First Step Act. You can access a copy of the entire operations memorandum here: BOP Home Confinement Memorandum. We have previously reported about the BOP’s implementation of…

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